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Need to convert your XML to HTML, Print-ready PDF, JATS, ePub, or other custom format? No matter what format you need to produce, Wrycan has you covered.

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Some of our work

Nature edu 194cf26cd2c0dd1a3c762f88b59fb6598e7230d034c0ada2bdfc7a3f11aaa035


Nature Education


Custom Biology Textbooks

Input format:

Custom XML


Full Book PDFs – (Sample)
Chapter PDFs

Read more on Nature Education's site

Wrycan worked with Nature Education in Cambridge Massachusetts to enable on-demand PDF publishing of new customizable textbooks. The first title, Principles of Biology, consisted of 200 customizable modules covering chemistry, genetics, cell biology, animal physiology, plant physiology, and ecology.

Cell 65cf0dd84a29b60c5fa1d53a3d63a5e011d5e81ad0f9ce2a303666d5f9d21c4c

Wrycan built an XSL-FO framework to generate print-ready and web-ready PDF versions of these customizable college-level science textbooks.

As part of the framework, Wrycan built XSL to generate print-ready PDFs of the textbooks. The PDFs were design and brand-compliant and had the following features:

  • Ability to assemble any number of chapters in any order
  • Multi-column output
  • Different generation modes, including instructor edition, student edition, and preview edition
  • Support for high resolution (print-ready PDF) and low resolution (web-ready PDF) imagery
  • Automatic creation of separate TOCs for tables, figures and chapter content
  • Complex formatting, embedded font, bleeds and column-balancing
  • Linking internal cross-references
  • Cover and spine generating with correct spine width depending on page count
  • Ability to publish a single chapter or a complete custom textbook
Noesis 76b529a31012d4dc3f5db5c5f5275a85556233140ccb00597aed71a3e4980e82




Safety Procedure Docs

Input format:

Navy's ETM XML – XML (Sample) | DTD


Assembled Book – PDF (Sample)
Single Chapter PDFs

Wrycan produced complex print ready technical documentation from XML-based content for the United States Navy by designing and implementing XSL transforms to convert the Navy's ETM XML content to 1000+ page policy/procdure manuals.

Submarine e08c6169c6517e9e8af65204430d19a752d4a7c53b4a2701ded94e004592a270

Wrycan worked with The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine to move them to an XML authoring and publishing environment. This project involved the conversion of thousands of pages on content, creation of an editorial process, deployment of technology to support the editorial process, and development of XSLs that generate high-res, print-ready PDF documents that are compliant with Naval documentation standards.

Wrycan created and delivered a set of custom XSLs that produced compliant, print ready PDFs for the technical manuals with the following layout features:

  • Support for assembling of the volume, chapter or procedure document types
  • Support for multi-column output
  • Support for mixed page orientations (portrait/landscape), mixed page sizes (letter/ledger)
  • Automatic generation of seperate TOCs for tables, figures and chapter content
  • Links all cross-references (internal and external)
  • Automatic generation of barcodes for document tracking
  • Ability to publish single Procedure document or combined Procedure manual
Luminex 0a2e2f912300493b4d60cfc45aa06b2fa4acf46f81530fb9e4549ffe95d2f584

Product User Guides

Luminex is leading provider of solutions for clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical drug discovery, biomedical research, genomic and proteomic research, and food safety.

Wrycan customized DITA Open Toolkit XSL scripts to output DITA-based PDF product user guides with desired branding and design customizations.

Wk fb48f618d1043f9b1c706980563f794c3e042da9d9048ac74ea5d6251d0a4f48

Curriculum Platform

The Legal Education division of Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. is the leading global provider of educational content and digital learning solutions to law schools.

Wrycan built XSL to generate HTML and customized ePub modules from custom XML. ePub modules generated and delivered to on-line curriculum platform using Content Base.

Envisn 3eb0c4dfdccb6e180c1313bc62428add2f6698a8e9964cc97915b0f6707ca4b4

BI Reporting

Envisn's mission is to provide more leverage to your BI support team by giving them the tools they need to better manage a complex BI environment. Envisn solutions make it possible to implement Cognos life cycle management.

Wrycan built XSL to produce HTML reports from custom XML generated by Envisn's BI reporting tools.

Some of Our Customers

Wolters Kluwer
Nature Education
Cambium Learning
Marathon Oil
Clarivate Analytics
Information Mapping
The College Board

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