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We build bridges so our customers can move content from print to digital products.
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What We Do

Wrycan's turnkey Content Engineering solution combines skills, best practices and technology to help you build successful digital content products.

Wrycan works with publishers that want to:

  • Convert current, future and back-catalog content to a high-fidelity digital format suitable for many content products.
  • Work with product vendors to build the best possible digital products.
  • Create a streamlined process to review, proofread and approve digital content.
  • Have the ability to enrich their digital content with new metadata and author new ancillary content.
  • Assemble new content products from re-mixed source content.
  • Automate releases of content to customer-facing content applications and channel partners.
  • Create a sustainable workflow that applies to current and future digital content product endeavors.
  • Get up and running quickly with a hosted technology platform.
  • Automate generation of traditional print-only products.

Wrycan helps publishers achieve the above with a combination of Content Engineering services and by deploying our Content Base technology platform.

Content Engineering Services and Technology Platform

Content Engineering Services

 Content Model Development
Identify the content/XML standards that are right for you.
 Content Conversion
Automated, manual and hybrid conversion management.
 Content Production Management
Strategies for integrating production processes and digital workflows.

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Content Base Platform Features

 Content Enrichment
Add value by adding metadata and supplemental and ancillary content.
  Content Repository
Store and manage all your digital assets ready to be used in products.
  Product Platform
Mix-&-match available content to create new content products.

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Some of Our Customers

Wolters Kluwer
Marathon Petroleum
Marathon Oil
Nature Publishing
Cambium Learning

Some of Our Work

Codes & Standards Solution

The leading codes and standards organization chose Wrycan to deploy a solution to store, manage, and enrich their digital codes and standards book content.

Online Textbook Solution

A leading publisher of law and business content chose Wrycan to deploy a solution to centralize curriculum content and generate customized ePub assets for use in a student/teacher content product.

Compliance Solution

A leading oil production company chose Wrycan to deliver a document management solution to manange compliance and distribution of policy and procedure documents.

How We Work


We focus on companies that want to start, continue or improve their digital content initiatives. We have spent the last 15 years helping customers build digital content products and that where we provide the most value.


Publishers need help with planning and execution. Publishers need to work around an existing content delivery schedule. We know that priorities shift and we designed our delivery model to be flexible and work for our clients through all phases.

Advocate for Best Solution

We never never propose a short-term fix when a long-term solution is possible. The customer always has the final say, but we make sure that project stakeholders understand how short-term fixes could affect long-term goals.

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