Content Engineering Solutions

Technology Partners

Wrycan software products leverage industry-leading technology from the following partners:

XEP Engine is the formatting force behind most solutions. XEP converts XML documents into a printable form (PDF, PDF Forms, PostScript, AFP [Advanced Function Presentation], XPS, PPML, SVG and HTML) by applying XSL Formatting Objects.

Antenna House Formatter is a mature software component that continues to evolve and is in production environments with many large corporations. Formatter is a leader in its class due to its performance in high volume environments, compatibility with Windows, UNIX, and Linux environments.

DeltaXML Core is a software toolkit which provides high-performance, accurate comparison for all XML documents and data. It is guaranteed to find all the changes in your XML. Every change, whether to an element, attribute or content, is represented in XML for easy downstream processing. No other product has such a rich delta file format.

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